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MARCH 7-10, 2024

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An all new Social Drama, and maybe the last show we'll ever do

MAY 10 - 18, 2024

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telling our own story.

JUNE 21, 2024
21c Museum

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Concert and Reception

JUNE 22, 2024
21c Museum

Your ticket to my show, is someone elses ticket to an opportunity.

A word from David Choate

When you support any one of the many David Choate Productions, you're not just guaranteed a beautiful night out, you're contributing to an ecosystem that's designed to change the damn world. From paying long overdue props to local legends like Ms. Kathy Wade with "a Night with Nina", to giving one of the cities most influential artists, Siri Imani, her first concert on the Aronoff Center stage in Blackout, daring a new generation of black youth thWe created these experiences to celebrate our stories and provide more artists an opportunity to work.

- David Choate

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