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we're creating.

We create content to impact black culture and drive community.

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inspiring new

We're creating more images that dare blacks kids to believe incredible dreams. 

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Telling a different

We're creating more moments that leave a different memory of black men in our minds.

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Shining new

We're creating more opportunities to shine our lights on new talent and old problems.

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Taking New

We're creating more pathways to success by going new places and creating more space in the entertainment industry.

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the DCP 


entertainment designed to change the damn world.

Your ticket to one of our shows is someone elses to ticket to opportunity. At David Choate Productions we're creating content and producing experiences that are really designed to positively impact black culture. From providing more paid opportunities to our own local artists, to delivering truly remarkable experiences for our own culture hungry community, every aspect of our production process is developed through the lens of intentional inclusion. 

DCP is black owned and solely exists to not only uplift, preserve and positively reflect Black Culture- But in doing so build an ecosystem that will lead to positive black advancement as a whole.

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I wanted to create more experiences that would mean more paid gigs for the talented people in this city. 

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